David Cameron to attend EU summit on spending in Brussels

Prime Minister David Cameron will attend an EU summit on spending in Brussels today.

In November, talks on the Euro-budget for 2014-20collapsed, with Mr Cameron insisting on "at worst a freeze, atbest a cut" in the size of the EU pot to be funded by member statesuntil the end of the decade.

The figure on the table had been close to £760 billion.

David Cameron's spokesman said he is ready to block a deal if he does not secure a real-terms freeze

The Prime Minister's spokesman has said that Mr Cameron is again ready to block a deal unless there is a real-terms freeze in the budget, to reflect the cuts being made at national government level and in households across Europe during the economic crisis.

He said: "We are working with a number of our allies, who all believe that spending needs to come down further. If it doesn't budge, then a deal isn't going to be do-able."

Countries including Sweden, the Netherlands, Denmark and Germany are also opposed to increases in the EU budget, added the spokesman.