Clayderman encourages endangered tortoises to mate

World-renowned pianist Richard Clayderman held a 'private concert' today to serenade endangered giant tortoises to try and get them to mate.

Pianist Richard Clayderman plays the piano with a captive audience Credit: PA Wire

Clayderman, whose track 'Ballade Pour Adeline' is one of the biggest selling classical recordings of all time, played the famous tune on a grand piano transported to London Zoo's giant tortoise enclosure.

His performance comes a week before Valentines Day Credit: PA Wire

The zoo's Galapagos tortoises, 70-year-old Dirk and his three female companions, Dolores, 13, and Dolly and Polly, both 17 looked suitably impressed with their private recital. The hope is the romantic music may make them more affectionate.