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EU budget deal agreed

European leaders have reached a deal on a €908 billion (£773 billion) EU budget for the next seven years, at a summit in Brussels.

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  1. James Mates

Cameron 'persuading' Germany over budget deal

David Cameron had an all night 'ding-dong' effectively with French President Francois Hollande and at the end of it, the key to his win, if it turns out to be that, is that he managed to persuade Germany's Angela Merkel to come down on his side.

The French press have taken this very badly, they're used to Paris and Berlin running things in the EU, now they see London and Berlin doing it as they perceive it.

They don't like it, it's thought the French may still be causing some difficulties about a final agreement and it may be some time yet before we know if there is one.

David Cameron seen during a break at the European Union summit Credit: Reuters

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