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Cregan 'switched' to police

A court has heard how Dale Cregan switched his sights from an "old rival" to the police when he executed a "detailed plan" to lure officers to their deaths in a gun and grenade attack in Greater Manchester. The trial is due to resume on Monday.

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Dale Cregan trial adjourns for the weekend

Dale Cregan surrounded by police officers at his trial Credit: Elizabeth Cook/PA Wire

Dale Cregan has confirmed through his barristers that he is not offering a defence of diminished responsibility. Nicholas Clarke QC, prosecuting, told the court:

"There was a lot of forethought and planning went into all of these operations. We suggest you will surely conclude that all phases of these murderous attacks were carried out by a man who knew exactly what he was doing with a clarity of mind and also with chilling premeditation."

The trial has adjourned for the weekend, and will resume on Monday morning.

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