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MPs' doubt over DWP decisions

The Department for Work and Pensions has been criticised for making the wrong decisions on the ability of benefit claimants to work, by the Public Accounts Committee.

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DWP: Report 'fails to recognise' recent improvements

Employment Minister Mark Hoban has responded to claims that the DWP is causing "misery and hardship" to claimants.

He said that the report failed to recognise the improvements made to the Work Capability Assessment since the coalition Government came to power in 2010.

We're implementing all of Professor Harrington's recommendations, and the percentage of people getting long term unconditional support has more than doubled in the last two years.

Professor Harrington is clear that the changes we are making to the WCA risk being undermined by those who refuse to acknowledge improvements in the process.

Rather than scaremongering and driving down the reputation of the WCA, critics might like to acknowledge the fact that independent reviews have found no fundamental reforms are needed to the current process because of changes we're making.

– Mark Hoban, Employment Minister

He added that the Government is "determined" to help people who are found fit to work, and that those who are not able to work will continue to get "comprehensive support".

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