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MPs' doubt over DWP decisions

The Department for Work and Pensions has been criticised for making the wrong decisions on the ability of benefit claimants to work, by the Public Accounts Committee.

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Margaret Hodge: 'Poor decision-making' from the DWP

The chair of the Public Accounts Committee who have today issued a report over disability assessment, has warned against criticism over Atos Healthcare.

Contracted by the DWP, the company has received criticism over medical assessments made on whether people are 'fit to work'.

This poor decision-making is damaging public confidence and generating a lot of criticism of the department's contractor for medical assessments, Atos Healthcare - but most of the problems lie firmly within the DWP.

The department is too often just accepting what Atos tells it.

It seems reluctant to challenge the contractor. It has failed to withhold payment for poor performance and rarely checked that it is being correctly charged.

– Margaret Hodge, Chair of The Public Accounts Committee

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