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CPS stands firm over abuse case

The Crown Prosecution Service has defended itself against accusations that Frances Andrade, the woman who was sexually abused by a choir director and is believed to have killed herself during his trial, was let down by the court system.

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NSPCC: Victims of sex crimes must be protected in court

The NSPCC said the death of Francis Andrade, who is believed to have taken her own life after giving evidence against sex abuser Michael Brewer, and his wife Kay, was a 'stark reminder' of trauma of reliving sex crimes in court.

Jon Brown said:

This was a shocking case of an abuse of trust from a man in a position of authority over his young victim.

In this case the trauma of the event and reliving it in court was clearly too much for the victim to take.

This must act as a stark reminder of just how disgraceful and harmful sexual offences are. It also shows how difficult reliving these horrific crimes can be for the victims and why we must do all we can to support and protect witnesses and victims when they give evidence.

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