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Pryce 'not proud' of 'irrational' behaviour

Vicky Pryce said she was "not proud" of herself after the Sunday Times splashed the story of her revelations on her husband's speeding points, and said she was very personally vulnerable at the time, and possibly irrational.

She said she went to the press because she wanted the story explained in the "right way."

If I had wanted to ruin my husband at the time I could have thought of lots of other things to expose publicly.

2010 was a very difficult circumstance when the family had really been torn apart and where the person they were relying on, who was me, was actually very fragile.

I am not proud of what happened. Now of course I would never ever have gone down that road. I did not perhaps behave rationally, there's no doubt about that.

It was a very, very tough time for me and also for the rest of my family and I did things which I am not proud of.

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