Snapshot of UK life in spending habits survey

Britain's spending habits vary dramtically with Londoners splashing out the most for restaurants while Northern Ireland leads the way with alcohol.

The survey by the Office For National Statistics gives a snapshot of life across the UK by comparing average weekly household expenditure between 2009 and 2011.


  • Food and non-alcoholic drink: London and Northern Ireland, £57.90
  • Alcoholic drink, tobacco: Northern Ireland, £16.50
  • Health: South East, £8.50
  • Transport: South East, £74.80
  • Restaurants & hotels: London, £53.30


  • Food and non-alcoholic drink: North East, £45.70
  • Alcoholic drink, tobacco: London, £10.10
  • Health: Wales, £3.10
  • Transport: North East, £50.10
  • Restaurants & hotels: Wales, £31.80