British butchers enjoy better cut amid horsemeat scare

Rib of English beef
"Whenever there is a scare - be it horse meat or BSE - they always come back." Credit: Barry Batchelor/PA Archive

British butchers have said they are enjoying an upturn in trade "by as much as 20 and 30%" as consumers steer clear of imported and processed products amid the horsemeat scandal.

"There has definitely been a spike in sales for the High Street butcher in recent weeks," said Brindon Addy, chairman of the Q Guild, which represents 130 butchers across England, Scotland and Wales.

He put the boom in home-grown meat sales down to a "trust issue," with confidence in cheaper meats of now-dubious content from Ireland and the continent plummeting.

"Some people are wising up," Mr Addy added. "If they buy a sausage worth tuppence, they've got to wonder what is really going into it. Horsemeat would probably be one of the better things to find in it."


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