Call for 'UK origin' labels to combat 'murky' beef

The National Beef Association has hit out at the "murky" side of the processing industry in the wake of the horsemeat scandal and called for all UK beef to be labelled with the words "United Kingdom" origin on its packaging.

Chris Mallon, national director of the NBA, urged consumers to prevent "further cheating" by suppliers by ensuring the beef they purchased was taken exclusively from cattle born, reared and processed in Britain. He added:

The integrity of their product contrasts hugely with the horsemeat that has infiltrated the domestic food chain as a result of careless, or unscrupulous, actions undertaken by participants in a supply chain which is understood to cover companies in Poland, Luxembourg, Romania, France and the Republic of Ireland. None of this can be traced to point of origin, and some of it may fail provenance tests, so it is no surprise that criminal investigations are already taking place.