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Hunt: Cut NHS 'bureaucracy'

Health Secretary Jeremy Hunt will say he intends to cut bureaucracy in the NHS by a third, to help bring back care and compassion to the NHS. This comes after the highly critical report in to the Mid Staffs hospital.

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Jeremy Hunt: 'Good healthcare is in the moment'

Jeremy Hunt, Secretary of Health is expected to say that good healthcare comes from interaction between NHS staff and patient, and not by "endless" tick boxes.

He will set our plans at the Reform conference today, and will say:

Endless boxes to tick, cumbersome bureaucracy and burdensome regulations are the problem - they cannot be the solution.

Good healthcare is in the moment - the minute-by-minute interaction between a person in need and a person there to help.

It is because people believe in the values of the NHS that they spend their working lives in it. So this is about unlocking those values that lie inside the outstanding doctors and nurses who deliver care week-in and week-out and stopping the dead hand of top-down targets crushing the goodness out of them.

– Jeremy Hunt, Health Secretary

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