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1/4 home care agencies 'failing'

A quarter of agencies that provide care to people in their own homes do not meet all five national standards of quality and safety, regulators said.

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'Failure' to treat older people with dignity and respect

The National Pensioners Convention said the Government and local authorities need to do more to improve standards of care.

Dot Gibson, general secretary of the pensioner organisation, said:

Around 80% of home care is now provided by the private sector, yet a significant number of them are failing to treat older people with the dignity and respect they deserve.

Local authorities have a responsibility to start commissioning services on the grounds of quality - rather than for the lowest price.

Contracts should only be awarded to those who can guarantee that staff are properly trained and qualified to do the job - and the idea that services can be provided in blocks of 15 minutes at a time has got to stop.

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