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'Poor state' of PE lessons

A report has revealed the poor state of physical education in schools, as most PE lessons are failing to improve fitness, and not enough youngsters are playing sport at a competitive level.

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Government: We want all children to be 'fit and healthy'

An inspectorate has found that very few schools had set up programmes to meet the needs of youngsters who were overweight or obese.

The report, which has taken Ofsted four years to compile, added that very few schools played competitive sports to a very high level.

It added that the Department for Education should build on improvements already made to PE and "harness the interest and momentum" generated by London 2012.

We want all children to be given the opportunities they need to be fit and healthy.

The draft PE curriculum published last week is designed to put competitive sport back at the heart of school life and end the damaging 'prizes for all' culture. We are also extending the School Games and spending £1 billion on youth sport over the next five years.

In addition we are working across government on a range of measures to improve PE and school sport as part of the Olympic and Paralympic legacy and will make an announcement in due course.

– A Government spokeswoman

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