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Secure colleges for offenders

Secure colleges could be introduced in a bid to improve the education received by young offenders as part of a wider shake-up of youth custody.

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More than 70 per cent of young offenders reoffend

Half of the 15 to 17-year-olds in custody have the literacy levels of a seven to 11-year-old, with most of them having been excluded from school at some point.

  • The average cost of a youth custodial place is £100,000 a year
  • Over 70 per cent of young offenders who leave custody reoffend within a year, compared to just under 50 per cent of adults leaving custody
  • In the 12 months to June 2012, more than 3,500 of all young offenders sentenced received a custodial sentence
  • In 2012/13 the Youth Justice Board expects to spend approximately nearly £250 million on the detention of young offenders

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