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Review into 'end-of-life' care

Family members who have witnessed loved ones undergo a controversial end-of-life regime, which can involve withholding food and drink from terminally ill patients, are being asked to share their experiences with health officials.

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Lamb: Relatives should have 'complete confidence in care'

Care and support minister Norman Lamb has said it is "vital for relatives to have complete confidence in care" when loved ones are being treated in hospital or looked after in care homes.

Experts agree the Liverpool Care Pathway, if applied properly, can help patients die a dignified and pain-free death, but, as we have seen, there have been too many unacceptable cases where patients or their families were ignored or not properly involved in decisions.

There have also been reports of food and fluids being denied to people inappropriately.

It is vital for relatives to have complete confidence in the care that their loved ones are receiving. This is why we want to hear from people with experience of the LCP, where it met the high standards expected and where things went wrong.

I urge people to get in touch to share their experiences, so we can ensure that lessons are learned and things put right.

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