1. Lucy Verasamy - ITV Weather Presenter

A cold frosty night with fog in places tomorrow

Expect a cold and frosty night as temperatures fall under clearer skies. Temperatures will fall to close to or below freezing in many spots, meaning a chance of frost in many locations, and across the south it will turn foggy.

The fog will be extensive, dense and freezing through some spots by tomorrow morning, particularly across the south east. It's here we will see the worst of the conditions, with some poor visibility through the morning rush hour that may cause some problems first thing.

Away from this, expect some stunning skies across the north west, despite the cold and frosty start.

Into the afternoon, fortunes are flipped as it brightens up in the south, while to the north east it will be increasingly cloudy, with a chilly feel to the day.

For the rest of us, it will be a little like today. We will see temperatures around average for the time of year in the sunshine.