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Govt split over 'mansion tax'

The Coalition appears split over a "mansion tax." George Osborne told ITV's The Agenda said it will not be next month's Budget, calling it a "tax con". But Nick Clegg told ITV News the Tories "can't keep turning a blind eye to the super wealthy."

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Clegg: Labour's 'mansion tax' plan is 'blatant plagiarism'

The Deputy Prime Minister has attacked Labour's plans for a "mansion tax" on homes worth over £2 million as "some blatant plagiarism of Liberal Democrat ideas."

Mr Miliband hopes to split the Government with a vote in the Commons, forcing the Lib Dems to choose between backing a "mansion tax" or maintaining Coalition unity.

In a speech in the City, Nick Clegg said:

All we've got from Ed Miliband last week is some blatant plagiarism of Liberal Democrat ideas and still no remorse for the biggest economic meltdown in modern times.

Labour cannot be taken seriously until its leaders apologise for the economic mess they created, apologise for the unfair tax system they left behind, and apologise for letting tax avoidance rip.

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