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Doctors demand a soft drink tax

Nearly all Britain's doctors want an increase in the price of fizzy drinks of around 20% to help tackle obesity. The Academy of Medical Royal Colleges is also calling for a crackdown in fast food restaurants close to schools.

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Controls on adverts and restaurants to tackle obesity

Following a year-long inquiry the AMRC has devised a list of 10 recommendations to end the UK being "the fat man of Europe". These include:

  • Taxes of 20% on sugary drinks for at least a year
  • Banning the advertising of foods high in saturated fat, sugar and salt before 9pm
  • Councils having the power to limit the number of fast food outlets near schools and leisure centres
  • NHS staff to talk to overweight patients at every appointment about their eating and exercise habits
  • Advice for new parents on how to feed their children properly
  • All schools to serve healthy food in their kitchens
  • A ban on junk food an vending machines in hospital premises
  • £300m to be spent over the next three years on weight management programmes
  • More surgery for the severely obese, to help those at risk of dying
  • Food labels to include calorie information for children

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