'12 dead' as Yemeni warplane crashes in capital

Locals try and help medics and firefighters at the crash site in Sanaa, Yemen. Credit: Reuters TV

A Yemeni air force plane crashed in the capital Sanaa today killing at least 12 people, Reuters reported, citing security sources.

Yemen's state news agency Saba claimed three women and two children were among those killed when the aircraft, on a training flight, crashed in a western residential district.

People climb onto the roof of a burned out car try an put a fire out. Credit: Reuters TV

A security official said the pilot had ejected from the plane but could not confirm whether he had survived.

"It's terrible and painful," local resident Abdullah al Ashwal told the news agency. "The police and medics evacuated five completely burned bodies, they were all unrecognisable".

Crowds of people gather as firefighters try and put out the blaze. Credit: Reuters TV

Abdulsattar Mohammed said he saw a plane burning near houses that were also set on fire, adding, "People were terrified and ambulances arrived late".

A military official said the plane was a Russian SU-22 fighter/ground attack aircraft.