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'Name and shame' tax dodgers

Tax dodgers should be "named and shamed", a spending watchdog has warned, to discourage the rich and famous from exploiting legal loopholes to avoid paying billions to the Treasury.

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HMRC needs 'more robust' approach to tax avoidance

Chair of the Public Accounts Committee, Margaret Hodge has accused the Government consultation of tax avoidance schemes last year of not going far enough.

We have seen how public anger and consumer pressure can influence large companies, such as Starbucks, to behave more responsibly.

HMRC should publicly name and shame those who sell or use tax avoidance schemes in order to discourage such activity.

With at least £5 billion lost to tax avoidance each year, HMRC has got to get much more robust in its approach.

– Margaret Hodge, Chair of The Public Accounts Committee

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