Ireland confirms Magdalene laundry compensation

Ireland's Taoiseach Enda Kenny has confirmed that a government compensation fund will be set up for women forced to work in Magdalene laundries.

The president of the Law Reform Commission Judge John Quirke undertake a three-month review and make recommendations on payments to surviving women.

Mr Kenny also outlined plans to provide support, including medical cards, psychological and counselling services to survivors.

He made the announcement as he apologised "unreservedly" for the "hurt and stigma" they had suffered, as a result of the time spent in the Catholic-run workhouses.


Irish PM's workhouse apology

The Irish prime minister has made a tearful apology to the thousands of women locked up in Catholic-run workhouses known as Magdalene laundries between 1922 and 1996. Records confirmed 10,012 women spent time in the workhouses across the country.