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Faster criminal justice system

A new body is being set up to create a faster, more efficient criminal justice system which takes advantage of new technology, and brings an end to the "blame culture" between the courts, the police and the CPS.

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'Justice delayed is justice denied', warns Minister

The new board will help draw up new reforms, to be unveiled in the spring, to a criminal justice system that, according to Damian Green, has seen little progress in the last 160 years. In a speech later today Mr Green will add:

The majority of magistrates court trials don't go ahead on the day they are planned to. If every day only 44% of trains left the stations, or 44% of planned hospital operations took place there would be a national uproar. Yet every day this happens in the magistrates' courts.

Justice delayed is justice denied. What we should all want to see is justice delivered. Bringing cases to trial more quickly, and then resolving them swiftly is absolutely essential for victims and for witnesses.

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