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Oscar family 'respect process'

Oscar Pistorius's family say they and the athlete "fully respect the bail hearing process and the sequence of events leading up to this point." It comes after the lead detective was replaced after it was revealed he is facing attempted murder charges

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  1. Rohit Kachroo

Cartridges show 'deliberate killing at close range'

The prosecution argument against bail begins. Gerrie Nell finds it:

Astonishing that two parties can have such diverse arguments about one set of facts

He argues that "I'm Oscar Pistorius, I'm a world renowned athlete" is not an exceptional circumstance in itself.

With regard to the cartridges discovered in Pistorius' bathroom, the prosecution lawyers says this backs claims of a deliberate killing at close range.

The prosecution says there is nothing exceptional as far as the applicant's personal circumstances go. He is a man of means.

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