Recent terrorist attacks in India

  • July 2011 - 26 killed by three bombs in Mumbai
  • February 2010 - 16 killed in Pune when a package explodes at a German Bakery popular with tourists
  • November 2008 - 166 killed in Mumbai when gunmen open fire at sites across the city
  • September 2008 - Five bombs in busy shopping areas of Delhi kill 25 people
  • August 2007 - At least 38 killed in three blasts at a street-side food stall and amusement park in Hyderabad. Police defused 19 more bombs.
  • July 2006 - 186 killed when seven bombs explode on Mumbai‚Äôs trains
  • October 2005 - Three bombs explode in three Delhi markets killing 62 people


India warned of bombings

India had warnings of a security threat days before two bombs went off in a market in Hyderabad, killing 16, the country's interior minister has said.