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Web trolls preying on children

As many as one in ten young people carry out trolling attacks, with a third of youngsters the subject of online abuse. Youth Charity vInspired has today launched a new campaign to tackle the problem.

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A third of youths troll because their friends do it too

2,000 youngsters aged 14 to 18 have been polled about the issue of internet trolling, as part of a new campaign to combat the form of internet bullying.

  • More than two thirds said they received abusive messages from someone they know
  • Almost half of youngsters keep the attack secret
  • One in five think sending a message in cyberspace is less damaging than face to face insults
  • Half the teenagers polled believe it is ok to say things online that you would not in person
  • A third of youths say they troll because theirs friends do it too

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