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'10 cars' in NASCAR crash

At least 10 cars were involved in a wreck at the Daytona Speedway, moments before the end of the "Nationwide" race in Florida.

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Fans rescued from the stands at Daytona Speedway

NASCAR driver Kyle Larson (32) and his Chevrolet end up in the fence during the final lap crash Credit: REUTERS/Brian Blanco

Fans are receiving medical treatment after at least ten cars crashed into each other during the Daytona Speedway, causing debris to fly into the stands.

Reports differ on the number of spectators injured as a result of the accident which took place before NASCAR's main event the Daytona 500.

Fire crews put out a blaze as one of the engines in the accident burns through the catch fence Credit: Reuters
Emergency workers carry a fan from the Daytona circuit stands Credit: Reuters

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