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Comedian splits Italy vote

Italy appeared to be heading towards another political deadlock after a centre-left coalition narrowly won the lower house but failed to win the Senate. But a protest movement led by comedian Beppe Grillo won 25%

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  1. James Mates

Quarter of Italians vote for TV comic to lead country

Italian TV comic Beppe Grillo has won a massive 25% of votes in the country's elections, as voters get behind the 64-year-old's anti-establishment Five Star Movement.

Grillo's party prides itself on its anti-corruption stance and has promised to eke out crookedness in national parliament.

After winning its first political office in the northern town of Parma last year, the Five Star candidate went through the city's books and jailed its former mayor and several officials over alleged corruption.

While Italian voters embraces political chaos, the eurozone is feeling the impact of sudden instability from a country that has been obeying the financial markets for the last year or so.

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