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Comedian splits Italy vote

Italy appeared to be heading towards another political deadlock after a centre-left coalition narrowly won the lower house but failed to win the Senate. But a protest movement led by comedian Beppe Grillo won 25%

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Italy's centre-left party to hold coalition talks

Italy's centre-left political leader, Pier Luigi Bersani has appealed to the country's parliament to resolve the political deadlock which has left the Italian people without a ruling party.

Bersani's party defeated former Italian Prime Minister and centre-right leader Silvio Berlusconi to gain the most seats in the election at the weekend, but failed to gain the Senate - which is necessary to legislate.

The Democratic Party (PD) proposes basic austerity reforms in government and could now try to form a "grand coalition" with Berlusconi or Beppe Grillo - who stunned the country by securing a quarter of the vote on Monday.

Talks between the main parties continued today and are set to resume on Wednesday.

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