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'Mediocre care' for dementia

A new report by the Alzheimer's Society has found that 80% of people living in care homes have either dementia or severe memory problems, and that less than half of them enjoy a good quality of life.

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Jeremy Hunt: 'No one should settle for poor quality care'

Health Secretary Jeremy Hunt has responded to a report which claims that fewer than half of the people suffering from dementia enjoy a good quality of care.

He said that no one should have to "settle" for poor quality care.

Whilst many providers are delivering good quality care, this research clearly shows how more needs to be done to improve care across the board. There are no excuses for failing to keep people safe from abuse or not treating them with kindness, dignity and respect.

This research shows the high prevalence in dementia is amongst people in residential care; it is essential that they are getting care that is right for them.

– Jeremy Hunt, Health Secretary

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