British Gas offers Twitter Q&A

Following today's announcement of a 11% profit increase, British Gas is offering to answer customer questions in a Twitter Q&A:


Our Customer Service Director, Bert Pijls, is answering your questions until 2pm. Tweet using the #AskBG hashtag.

One Twitter user asked if today's profit announcement would mean a future price cut:


@britishgas After November's price rise, are you now going to lower prices as your reported profits indicate you're doing all right? #AskBG

Rather than give a direct answer, Bert Pijls linked to a YouTube video:


Hi @butterfly494_ great question, difficult to answer on Twitter! Check out this video for more detail


British Gas profits up 11%

British Gas has announced its profits are up 11% from last year to £606m. Its owner Centrica, which also owns Scottish Gas, has announced its annual operating profits are up 14%.