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Jordan in Cllr disability row

The model Katie Price, better known as Jordan, has attacked an independent Cornwall councillor who has apologised for saying disabled children should be "put down" to save the council money. But Colin Brewer has refused to resign.

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Disability service calls for Councillor to resign

Disability Cornwall today led the calls for Mr Brewer's resignation.

Theresa Court, advice services manager, said:

I remember him (Mr Brewer) coming over and asking what the stall was about.

I was explaining to him about the parent partnership service when he said disabled children should be put down.

He said they cost the council too much money.

I felt physically sick. I was there with parents of disabled children at the time and I just had to turn my back on him.

He is supposed to be an elected member representing public views and acting on behalf of the public.

How anyone can come out with that is just shocking.

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