11% of voters think Clegg has been open over Rennard

The Sun is reporting that a YouGov poll has found only 11 percent of voters think Nick Clegg has been "open and honest" over the Lord Rennard allegations.


BREAKING: @sun_politics YouGov poll: only 11% of voters think Clegg "open and honest" over Lord Rennard scandal, 52% say not open and honest


@sun_politics YouGov poll: just 2% of voters say they view Lib Dems "more positively" after Lord Rennard row - 28% say more negative

Yesterday Liberal Democrat officials met with police to "ascertain if any criminal activity has taken place". Lord Rennard refutes the allegations of impropriety.


'Five women' in Rennard probe

ITV News understands that police are likely to be speaking to around five women in total over claims of sexual impropriety made against former Lib Den Chief Executive Lord Rennard.