1. Chris Ship

Police to speak to five women over Lord Rennard allegations

One of Lord Rennard's accusers, Alison Smith, phoned the Scotland Yard hotline set up by police so alleged victims can come forward, she has encouraged other women to do the same.

ITV News understands that police are likely to be speaking to around five women in total. Scotland Yard has clarified what they are doing, saying that they are only looking in to whether or not a crime has been committed - not in to how the Liberal Democrats themselves handled the complaints.

The Lib Dem peer strongly denies all allegations of inappropriate behaviour.

The party themselves have two inquiries set up. One encouraging women to come forward that is under way The second - looking in to how the party, under its own admission, 'screwed things up' - is still looking for an independent chair to head it.

So despite Nick Clegg saying he wants these things dealt with as quickly as possible that second inquiry still not under way.