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UK 'could arm Syria rebels'

Foreign Secretary William Hague has said the UK can not "rule out" supplying arms to Syrian rebels in the future. Meanwhile, President al-Assad has accused the UK of having a "naive, confused and unrealistic" approach to his country's civil war.

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  1. Bill Neely

US give strongest back-up yet to Syrian rebels

Secretary of State John Kerry said the US will channel $60 million in aid to Syrian groups the US chooses, which is a clear message that jihadi groups must be excluded from the aid.

Although the US aid is "non lethal", this is the biggest package and strongest back-up yet given so far by the US to Syrian rebels.

Mr Kerry said "no people should live in fear of their so called leaders" and "we must meet the moment."

US backing of the Syria rebels today is at its most public, financial, open and morally clear.

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