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'Bedroom tax' legal challenge

Opponents of the Government's plans to withhold benefits from some social housing tenants, deemed to have spare rooms, are today launching a legal challenge against the so-called 'bedroom tax'.

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Cameron will review 'any individual case'

David Cameron has promised to review "any individual case" relating to the so-called 'bedroom tax'.

Legal action will be launched against the plans today, which could see housing benefit payments reduced for tenants in council or housing association properties with empty bedrooms.

David Cameron speaking at PM's questions where he was grilled over the 'bedroom tax' Credit: PA Wire

Under the new rules, all working-age tenants in receipt of housing benefit will be affected by the charge - 14 per cent for one unoccupied room, 25 per cent for two.

The charge would apply, irrespective of whether the room is occupied on a part time basis, such as a couple who use their spare bedroom if one of them is recovering from an illness or operation.

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