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MPs: Undercover cops pose risk

An influential group of MPs have criticised the rules governing how undercover police officers operate, citing unacceptable sexual relationships and the "ghoulish" use of dead children's identities by cops.

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How Mark Kennedy lifted the lid on undercover cops

Undercover officer Mark Kenny is led away by police after being cut from the fence surrounding Hartlepool Nuclear Power Station Credit: Hartlepool Mail

The case that placed undercover policing in the spotlight was that of Pc Mark Kennedy who posed as a campaigner in protest groups over seven years from 2003.

He was outed by accident when his real passport was discovered. He went on to offer help to protesters in a trial regarding Ratcliffe-on-Soar power station, which led to the trial falling apart.

It was later revealed that he had had sexual relationships with at least two women in the protest movement.

A number of women who say they were deceived into having relationships with undercover officers - and not just Mark Kennedy - are suing the Metropolitan Police for damages.

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