Transcript of parents' 999 house fire call released

A transcript of Michael and Mairead Philpott's 999 call when their house was on fire has been released by Derbyshire Police.

An excerpt from the transcript reads:

  • Michael: I can't get in me bedroom the kids are all upstairs six of 'em.
  • Operator: Is it a terraced house?
  • Michael: Please.
  • Operator: Er, yeah we've got some, we've got some police on their way, have you any idea what caused the fire?
  • Michael: I've no idea mate, we've just been woke up by the alarm.
  • Michael: There's smoke everywhere.

Michael and Mairead Philpott are charged with six counts of manslaughter. They deny all the charges.


999 house fire call released

The jury in the trial of three people accused of the manslaughter of six children in a Derby house fire has heard a secret recording of their parents Mick and Mairead Philpott in a police van. They all deny the charges.