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Defence cuts to be 'resisted'

Defence Secretary Philip Hammond has warned he will resist further cuts to the armed forces in Chancellor George Osborne's forthcoming spending review. He said Cabinet ministers believed the greatest burden of cuts should fall on the welfare budget.

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Defence cuts are 'a matter of risk analysis'

The leader of a prominent defence and security think thank has said that the approach to defence cuts is one of risk analysis.

Speaking to BBC Breakfast, Professor Michael Clarke, director-general of the Royal United Services Institute, said:

It's all a matter of risk analysis. If you don't think that the Armed Forces will be doing as much in the next five to eight years once Afghanistan is in the rear-view mirror then you might take that risk.

The Armed Forces have been continuously in operation since 1991 when the Cold War came to an end so it would be a bit optimistic to think that that process which has gone on now for over 20 years would suddenly stop once we withdraw from Afghanistan.

– Professor Michael Clarke

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