'Big Tone and Little Tone' guarding the Queen

PC Wallyn (left) and PC Thich, known as Big Tone and Little Tone in the Met, ensured unwelcome visitors both large and small were kept away. Credit: Lewis Whyld/PA Wire

Britain's tallest policeman, 7 feet 2 inch PC Anthony Wallyn, was among the officers standing guard outside the Queen's London hospital tonight.

To the delight of the photographers gathered outside King Edward VII Hospital, he was partnered by the smallest officer in the Met's Westminster Borough Support Unit, PC Tony Thich, who measures 5 feet 6 inches.

PC Wallyn, who wears size 17 shoes, said he gets "100-500 requests for a photo" every day, and hopes he may be able to add one with the hospital's most notable current patient.

"It would be a nice photo," he joked of the chance to be snapped next to the 5 feet 4 inch tall monarch.