Labour: Cameron is 'caving in' to right wing

The Labour Party has accused Prime Minister David Cameron of “caving in” to the demands of right wing Conservative MPs following the Eastleigh by-election.

The attack comes as Justice Secretary Chris Grayling raised the possibility of the Human Rights Act being scrapped under a future majority Conservative government.

It's clear David Cameron's response to his disastrous result in Eastleigh is a big lurch to the right.

He is a weak Prime Minister who is caving in to the demands of the right wing MPs in his party.

– Labour spokesman


PM: 'No lurch to the right'

The Prime Minister said he will not be tempted to 'lurch to the right' but will battle on to keep the Tories on the "common ground" of politics. David Cameron said he will not "abandon" the government's plan for the country.