'Chaos' as Bieber arrives 'two hours late' for O2 gig


Justin Bieber has gone onstage at the 02 TWO HOURS late. Thousands of teen stranded, baffled, Mums waiting outside. Chaos there apparently.


Bieber came on TWO hours late at o2 tonight. What insult to young fans, falling asleep/crying and having to leave after one song cos so late


Bieber 2 hours late. Seeing lots of stuff about kids being dragged out of O2 for last trains. Well done big guy, you've ruined their year...


Bieber 'blessed' after photo row

Popstar Justin Bieber has said he was counting his blessings after performing the final night of his controversy filled four-show stint at The O2 in London. The show came hours after an angry row with a member of the paparazzi upon leaving hospital.