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UK 'on the back foot on Syria'

The former foreign secretary David Miliband has told ITV's The Agenda that: "We are on the back foot on Syria." Opposition fighters claim to have captured the northeastern city of Raqqa, with crowds toppling a statue of President Assad's father.

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David Miliband: 'We're on the back foot on Syria'

Speaking on The Agenda about the situation in Syria, David Miliband said:

We are on the back foot on Syria. Not just the humanitarian 70,000 people but the geo-politics, refugees in Turkey and Jordan, destabilisation within Syria, the whole state collapsing, the Middle East rocked by essentially by a Saudi versus Iranian proxy war going on in Syria.

I think that is something where the burden of proof is now on those who don't want to intervene rather than those who do. It's still a huge decision, it's still got to be the last resort.

But my fear is this - if we're back in a year's time and we haven't done anything Assad will still be there. He will have murdered another 30,000 people and the ricochet effects from Syria will be much greater.

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