Grayling: Human rights comments 'not off-message'

The Justice Secretary Chris Grayling has said that his remarks about scrapping the Human Rights Act were not off-message, despite David Cameron saying there would be no "lurch to the right" in the Conservative Party.

Grayling's Human Rights comments 'not off message'
The Justice Secretary insists his comments about the Human Rights Act were "not off-message" Credit: ITV News

Mr Grayling said: "What I've set out in the last few days is the same approach that I set out at the party conference last year.

"The Conservative Party will go in to the next election with a plan to tackle the frustrations on human rights, which are shared by people across our society - not by those on the right but the public as a whole."

His remarks come as cracks over immigration and the Human Rights Act appear to be splitting the party after the poor Eastleigh by-election results, which saw the Conservative fall to third place behind UKIP.

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PM warned against copying UKIP

Ministers have warned David Cameron to resist a "lurch to the right" after the Conservatives finished third behind UKIP in the Eastleigh by-election. The PM also faces pressure over departmental spending ahead of this month's Budget.