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Iraqi deaths inquiry opens

The al-Sweady public inquiry has begun, more than three years after it was ordered. The inquiry will examine claims that UK soldiers murdered 20 or more Iraqis, and tortured detainees in Maysan Province, southern Iraq, in May 2004.

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Hundreds to give evidence in alleged Iraq torture case

According to inquiry secretary Cecilia French, hundreds will give evidence, in person, over video link or by witness statement, at the al-Sweady public inquiry.

  • Fifteen Iraqis will travel to the UK to give evidence at the al-Sweady public inquiry
  • A further 45 Iraqis, including relatives, medical staff, and others who had contact with those who died, will give evidence via videolink
  • Statements were taken from nearly 90 Iraqi witnesses, all in either Beirut or Istanbul
  • Evidence from military witnesses will start in September, through to February next year, it could be more than 200 people going evidence
  • Statements from around 400 military witnesses have been taken

It is thought the inquiry will have finished its report by the end of 2014.

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