Parents: Bieber 'should be ashamed' of treatment of fans

Former Coronation Street actress Wendi Peters said her daughter had to leave the Justin Bieber concert before the end and now "isn't as big a fan as she was."


Gracie isn't as big a Justin Bieber fan as she was ! Had to leave early and now school on 6 hours sleep :( #goodluckeveryone #BieberatTheO2

Twitter user Nicola Gray said her daughter arrived home at 1.30am because of the star's "laziness". She addressed another tweet at the O2 arena demanding a refund of the £68.25 ticket.


Justin bieber should be ashamed my daughter finally arrived home at nearly 1.30am cause of your laziness... Fame has gone to your head boy !

Another mother said it was "awful how late he was":


@daybreak my daughter & niece went to Bieber last night,awful how late he was and can't believe he didn't sing 'believe'on the believe tour!


Bieber 'blessed' after photo row

Popstar Justin Bieber has said he was counting his blessings after performing the final night of his controversy filled four-show stint at The O2 in London. The show came hours after an angry row with a member of the paparazzi upon leaving hospital.