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North Korea ceasefire threat

North Korea has said it will scrap its ceasefire with South Korea if they and the US continue with military drills, the KCNA news agency said. The ceasefire has been in place since the end of the Korean war in 1953.

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US draft takes North Korea sanctions 'to the next level'

UN Ambassador to the UN Susan Rice Credit: APTN

US envoy to the United Nations, Susan Rice, has said that new sanctions against North Korea under consideration by the Security Council are "exceptional" in their breadth and scope.

She said the draft resolution tabled by the US "will significantly impede North Korea's ability to develop further its illicit nuclear and ballistic missile programmes".

She added that the sanctions would target the "illicit activities of North Korean diplomatic personnel", "banking relationships" and "illicit transfers of bulk cash" in addition to "new travel restrictions".

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