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Legal aid cuts 'undermine law'

The country's top judge has warned that cuts to legal aid are undermining the rule of law, and people's belief in government and "the whole democratic system." Lord Neuberger also said Theresa May's recent attack was "unfortunate."

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Top judge worried legal aid cuts 'have gone too far'

President of the Supreme Court, Lord Neuberger has warned that cuts to legal aid may have gone too far.

Speaking to the BBC he said the two most important things a government can do is protect the country from invasion, and ensure the rule of law at home.

Unless you do those two things, you might as well not bother with welfare, education, health and housing because it is not a country worth living in. Access to justice and an efficient justice system are an essential ingredient of the rule of law.

Lord Neuberger said that in removing legal aid from most civil cases the government may have went "too far."

No one can expect the Government to pay the legal costs of everyone who wants to go to court however unreasonable, however expensive, but I am worried [the cuts] may have gone too far.

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