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Clamp down on payday lenders

Britain's biggest payday lenders have been threatened with being put out of business after a damning report by the Office of Fair Trading uncovered evidence of "widespread irresponsible lending".

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Current OFT guidelines that apply to payday loans

Under current Office of Fair Trading guidelines governing consumer credit lending, credit brokers and intermediaries "should take appropriate steps" with a view to:

  • Treating borrowers fairly – borrowers should not be targeted with credit products that are clearly unsuitable for them.
  • Providing early disclosure of information relating to, and explanation of, key features of the credit agreement, including key risks to the borrower.
  • Ensuring transparency in all dealings with borrowers and they should not use misleading or oppressive behaviour, including when advertising or otherwise promoting consumer credit or consumer hire agreements.
  • Borrowers who may be particularly vulnerable by virtue of their current indebtedness, poor credit history, or by reason of age or health,or disability, or for any other reason, should, in particular, not be targeted or exploited.

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