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Venezuela election date set

Venezuela will hold a presidential election on April 14 as acting President Nicolas Maduro, the successor to Hugo Chavez, tries to win his own term in office.

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Journalists attacked on streets of Caracas

A reporter and cameraman working for Colombia's RCN TV have been attacked in the Venezuelan capital of Caracas while covering the aftermath of the death of President Hugo Chavez.

The reporter, Carmen Andrea Rengifo and her cameraman, Samuel Sotomayor, were attacked by a crowd of Chavez supporters outside a military hospital.

In dramatic images filmed by Sotomayor showed the two journalists being beaten and chased by the crowd before managing to escape on a motorcycle.

Members of the crowd can be heard shouting obscenities at the two journalists and ordering them to leave the area.

Rengifo was injured in the attack, suffering light wounds.

It is not clear why the crowd turned on the journalists, however earlier, another television cameraman was injured by a crowd of Chavez supporters in Caracas before escaping in an ambulance. The crowd had said the cameraman was working for the Venezuelan opposition TV channel, Globovision.

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